Friday, August 10, 2012

Review on Daiso's 4 in 1 bread cutter mould, seaweed face cutters and tweezer

Ever thought of creating bentos? These items from Daiso can help you!

The bread cutter mould is lovely as it ensures that no bread is wasted. Apply adequate pressure and press down till you can feel the mould scratching the plate as you move it. The cut is pretty and there's no problem for 2 pieces of bread with cheese in between. However, there's a small hole in the intersection point and bread will get stuck to it. Make sure you use a tweezer to remove the pieces!
The seaweed cutters requires pressure to press down fast and more effective when seaweed is crispy. The more intricate the design the more strength is required.
The tweezer is easy to use and really helps in picking up tiny pieces.
To stick on the seaweed, I use a tooth pick to apply some mayonnaise on the desired spot and pick up each seaweed detail with the tweezer to stick it. :)
Daiso has great stuff to start bentoing however pls note that these items sells really fast so get them before they disappear!

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