Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My supernatural pregnancy journey

I would like to thank Pastor Matthew from my church (New Creation church) for praying over my 2nd pregnancy and share how his prayer and word for meditation has impacted this pregnancy.
My first pregnancy has been one that is full of self effort. As I was full of fears and cares and I felt fragile, I was indirectly allowing negative things to happen as I believe so. I had a blockage in the umbilical cord and Trinity was not gaining weight plus I had a fall which developed into pain in my hip and limp in the last few weeks till I gave birth. However, the Lord is faithful and has blessed me with my first born which is exactly what I have prayed for in all areas of her physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.
In this 2nd pregnancy, I has severe pain in the abdomen and was not able to carry my 1st born. Hence I went to the prayer and healing room with my hubby and Pastor Matthews prayed over Tiffany. He told me that God gives mothers children and it is only natural to be able to carry our own children. He also asked me to proclaim "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." hence from that day, everything changed. I was meditating subconsciously and not only was I able to carry my firstborn, I was able to walk faster than women who were not pregnant, able to drive and work efficiently and able to carry heavy stuff. Basically, I was like a normal person and the pregnancy didn't slow me down at all. At 35 weeks I was still able to drive to work to train adult learners, conducting full lecture and science cookery concepts plus assessment of their presentation from 9-4pm. I really experience the meaning of this power verse given to me. And for the pregnancy this time round I did not use epidural and my hubby was encouraging me to meditate the verse during labor.it was only when I meditate that I experience full dilation within 30 min and could relax to allow my baby to descend into the birth canal. After delivery I was still awake and alert and could go to the toilet to relief myself within 2 hours and was bathing 6 hours later. I could even carry my first born who is 14kg after I was discharge.
Apart from that, Jesus also answered my prayer to let me slim down during my pregnancy. I only gained 5kg throughout this pregnancy and my womb contracted after birth. As I changed into my home clothes and was sitting down with my first born waiting to be discharged, the nurse who came in asked me "where is the mummy?" and I replied "I am" and she was shocked and said she couldn't tell. I was also asked to use the visitor's lift instead of the patient's lift when I wanted to go down to buy some stuff.
Apart from that, my child was nearly hospitalized for Jaundice but the doctor gave us 1day to suntan before going back for another blood test. We took the holy Communion and even though there wasn't much sunlight, we focused on the Son of God and see the jaundice on Him at the cross and the jaundice level dropped from 14.6 to 12.3 within 1 1/2 day! Praise Jesus!!!

All glory to Jesus for this easy and enjoyable supernatural pregnancy journey and it is indeed because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank You Pastor Matthews and Pastor Prince for his ministry! Indeed this is the year of unceasing fruitfulness! Praise Jesus! Amen!

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