Monday, August 13, 2012

Reflection on Love

"I love you." 3 simple words with various degree of depth and intensity to every individual. Many a times, love is selfish. To love, to possess, to even manipulate a desired outcome.
But, you see, love in this way will never lead to true happiness. Temporal satisfaction from each other cannot lead to eternity. In fact, the more you demand, the more insatiable you become. In the process, you become greedy and even when you have full possession of the person, you are still empty.
But when love is selfless, it becomes beautiful. The true love of never expecting anything in return makes one appreciate you more. Perhaps the world may think that you are, plainly speaking, stupid. But, you have won over the person you love wholly. That is because when you were selflessly allowing yourself to be hurt and vulnerable to the outside world, you were actually using yourself to protect and save the person you love the most.
Just like when Jesus hang on the cross to die for our sins because he love us so much. Don't you think so?

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