Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Mediya Gyudon Kit

Your kids and hubby is hungry. You have just spent 2 1/2 hours baking breads and your family is hoping for a yummy Japanese meal. What do you do?
Well, the mediya Gyudon kit came to the rescue! Serving size is just nice for 2 adult and 1 child.
Just sautéed the onions with a little oil until fragrant and add the beef. Stir fry with a pair of chopsticks for 2-3 minutes or until 70% of the beef has turned brown before adding the sauce provided. After the beef is totally cooked, switch off the fire and serve with scrambled eggs (beaten with hon tsuyu) over steaming hot japanese rice if you like.
Like it to be spicy? Add lots of S&B brand togarashi (Japanese chili powder) and you got yourself a yummy and satisfying meal. Not enough? Pick up a sashimi platter and a pack of green tea sachets to complete your meal and you will have your hubby and child telling you how yummy it is all night long!

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