Saturday, October 13, 2012

Self feeding puffs at 7 months old. Baby led weaning

Our active explorerTiffany has reached another milestone of her life! Learning how to eat puffs! These plum baby organic puffs are healthy, no salt and sugar added, melts in the mouth and easy to chew.
As she doesn't have teeth and she is 7 months old, we were skeptical initially as Trinity had teeth at 5 months old. But we learnt from our friend Tricia, that the gums are sharp with the teeth right underneath. So we tried by holding one puff and let her take a bite to see the response. She took a little bite and chewed for a while and swallowed before asking for the next bite! We were so touched and amazed with the wisdom that God has given her and after trying a few puffs, we invited her to sit in her bumbo seat with her bumbo table and placed a few puffs onto her baby bjorn plate (which is specially designed to encourage self feeding and it is proven to work with Trinity who self fed independently by 11 months old) and let her explore and pick up the pieces independently. So proud of my darling Tiffany! This is her first time trying, practice makes perfect so we will cheer her on as her perfect her pincer grip and eat independently!

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