Friday, October 19, 2012

Parenting: independence

So proud of my Trinity! It's indescribable! I was nursing Tiffy when Trini finished her bottled milk.
I told her I can't help her to place her bottle in the kitchen sink but she can do it herself. I gave her instructions to place the bottle on the floor so that she can turn the door knob with two hands and she did. She even gently placed the bottle
far away from the door to prevent knocking the bottle down!
Then she went out of the room and came back with a grin so proud and satisfied.
And this is what I saw. My darling Trini's attempt to tiptoe and place the bottle into the sink.
Well done darling! Mummy is so proud of you! Thank you for being so understanding and independent!
At 3 years 1 month old.

It is definitely possible to nurture our
Children to be independent and Understanding. The first step is to BELIEVE that they are able to. Never underestimate children's
ability to learn. As long as you believe in them and empower them, they will not only be able to do it, they will exceed your expectations and
Surprise you!

Inspiring yummy mummies

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