Monday, October 15, 2012

Kueh Bangkit

Chinese new year is round the corner! And Kueh Bangkit is a local favorite! I searched high and low and finally found this book, "With love, from the little nonya, written by Baba Philip Chia." His book is clear and bilingual. You can purchase this book from NTUC or popular bookstore.
It contains all kinda of nonya Kueh recipe.
So for this week, we attempted Kueh Bangkek. I didn't really wanted to use my hand to knead so I used my mixer instead. The dough became a paste and we had to use flour to coat the paste a scoop at a time to knead it and it is still successful.
These little cookies are crispy and melts in the mouth with the aroma of coconut milk and the sweetness is just nice!
Note that the dough is quite difficult to manipulate and I added more
Tapioca flour to make it easier to work with.

Here's his recipe (paraphrased)
300g tapioca flour (also
Known as tapioca starch)
600g sago flour (avail at NTUC Woodgrove)
5 egg yolks, beaten
320g icing sugar
400ml coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt

1. Cook coconut milk and icing Sugar over low heat. Do not allow to bring to a boil. Turn off flame when sugar has completely dissolved.
2. Pour into a bowl and allow it to completely cool.
( at this juncture I went to prepare my meal and continue after my meal, to prevent a waste of time :) )
3. Add egg yolks and salt to coconut mixture.
4. In a mixing bowl, mix sago and tapioca flour.
5. Add coconut mixture alittle at
a time and knead gently till you get a dough.
6. Cut into cookie moulds and
Bake in a preheated oven at
175 degree Celsius for 15 minutes
Or until done.
7. Cool on a rack and store in
Airtight container.

Have fun!

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