Monday, June 10, 2013

New crispy tempura ideas and recipe! Think Garlic and dill fish, scallop and onion and cream cheese :)

If you want tempura that is really crispy, Nissin tempura flour would be the brand to use. (see picture below) all you need is to add cold water and whisk the batter which produces crispy tempura. You can even make the tempura in advance and oven bake it for a few minutes to make it hot and crispy again!

I enjoy experimenting with new tempura possiblities so here's some ideas that's tried and tested and really yummy!

Garlic and dill fish
This is a very good main to replace your usual fish and chips!

Fish fillet marinated in hua tiao wine for 30 minutes
Garlic powder
A pinch of salt
Nissin tempura batter

1. Wipe the hua tiao wine off the marinated fish using a paper towel.
2. Add a pinch of dill, parsley, salt, garlic powder and marinate for another 15 minutes.
3. Preheat oil at 170 degree Celsius.
4. Dip in batter and deep fry till golden and batter feels hard.
5. Serve with chips, salad and tartare sauce.

Onion and scallop

You will be surprised at how fragrant and succulent this combination turns out to be!

Sliced onions
Baby scallops washed and patted dry
Nissin Tempura batter

1. Combine baby scallops and sliced onions into batter.
2. Preheat oil to 160 degree Celsius.
3. Take a tablespoon full of onions and scallops, drain off excess batter and place into oil.
4. Deep fry till golden and batter feels hard. Great to serve with udon soup, cold soba or ramen.

Tempura cream cheese
A hit with the kids and the young at heart or any cheese lovers! However, please take note that you have to be really quick at picking out the cooked ones which are done at a maximum of one minute. Frying too long will cause the cream cheese to melt and oil to splatter, making a big mess. Keep the diced cream cheese in the refrigerator until ready to deep fry. You may also wish to add slightly more tempura flour to create a thicker batter to make it easier to deep fry but the texture will not be as light.

Refrigerated Diced cream cheese (bite size)
Nissin tempura batter

1. Preheat oil at 160 degree celsius.
2. Remove cheese from refrigerator and coat with batter then deep fry them. Remove quickly within one minute when it's gold and batter feels hard.
3. Serve with salad, adding crunch and a pleasant surprise!

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