Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Time Onwards

There was a time when we lived life the way we wanted it to be.
There was a time we could bathe in peace.
There was a time when we ate at places we fancy and had slow unhurried meals.
There was a time when we watched movies holding hands and whispered sweet nothings.
There was a time when we drove from place to place for leisure and sales.
There was a time when we had dreams, likes and dislikes.

Then came along some magical beings called our "children" and everything started revolving around them.

This time onwards we live life the way we think will be best for our children.
This time onwards we bathe with a live audience everyday.
This time onwards we ate at places that are child friendly and have to "speed eat" every meal. (Most of the time, we don't really remember the taste of what we ate but we remember if our children enjoyed the meal.)
This time onwards we watched movies placing our hands on our children's lap watching animations all the time and whispered to them not to ask questions aloud.
This time onwards we chauffeur children from classes to classes not mentioning the prior long waiting list and registration required years ahead.
This time onwards we have to nurture our children to understand the meaning of having their own dreams.
This time onwards, we became PARENTS.
- Poshpearl

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