Monday, August 13, 2012

Turning water into wine

Did my handover yesterday. After 4 years of lecturing and nurturing youths to become early childhood educators, which Jesus has generously answered one of my career ambitions at 23, being able to share my early childhood knowledge and experiences with my students and watching them transform into from idealistic youths to empowered early childhood educators who have received compliments from the field...everything has fall into place to end my lecturing journey with His support so that I can finally focus on the reason why I entered this field: to become a good mum! Tiffany is really blessed as she doesn't need to deal with separation anxiety for a full day worth of work and I have the time to cook for her from the start of her weaning journey.
Trinity on the other hand, can start this exclusive journey and it's never too late, cooking for her, continuing to teach her cooking and baking, teaching her phonics, sending and picking her up from school ... and she has never blamed me for working in the past. I'm also so blessed to have a supportive family who goes all the way in my nail education and blogging. Jesus also answered my prayers of being a blessing to other mothers by being in mother support groups. Another miracle transformation which Jesus has planned and surprised me with would be the sudden anointing and passion to cook. My friends and family are stunned as I really didn't know how to cook and didn't like cooking in the past. Pearl who would rather travel to eat out is now traveling to buy ingredients to cook at home! 27 with 2 awesome darling daughters I would like to Thank you Jesus for blessing me with such a fulfilling and exciting career journey and life! For our future is so bright and our hope will never be cut off. Jesus is indeed turning water into wine in this new accelerated journey ahead!

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